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Kartemquin serves filmmakers through its acclaimed Collaborative Production Model. Producers bring us ideas for stories they are passionate about and we help make them a reality, providing support in story development, technical skills, equipment needs, office space, editing, legal and accounting services, fundraising, pre-sales and acquisitions, marketing, distribution, and audience engagement. When the filmmaker is finished, we provide their work with a home for life, ensuring the long-term preservation and archiving of their work.

There are multiple ways to work with us: as a developing filmmaker to enhance or improve your craft, as a production partner in developing or co-producing a documentary, and as a work-for-hire partner on a wide range of services geared toward independent filmmakers, productions, organizations, and brands.

The Kartemquin Values Framework guides every decision we make – from hiring to pipeline decisions to program design and execution. Read more about our values here.

Filmmaker Development Programs

Production Partnerships

We specifically look for projects that align with our values and create access for those historically marginalized from documentary filmmaking.

Unsure of the ways you can work with Kartemquin? Keep reading to learn more about our partnership opportunities.

Currently our pipeline is closed for projects seeking In Development or Co-Production partnerships.

Interested in In Association With or Work-for-Hire? Tell us more about your project below.

In Development partnerships provide an opportunity for filmmakers to work with Kartemquin to develop their story, creatively and logistically. These services may include: editorial guidance, project management support (budget building, production scheduling etc), and fiscal sponsorship. 

Well suited for: projects in the early stages of development or production that will benefit from editorial guidance and production management support. In Development projects carry a ‘Developed With the Support of Kartemquin Films’ credit. 

The Co-Production pathway is for filmmakers who wish to enter into a long term partnership with Kartemquin as they develop, produce, and prepare a film for distribution..  The filmmaker maintains full creative and editorial control, and the collaboration builds on the strengths of both partners. Along with full production and editorial support, services available to Co-Productions include: legal support, insurance coverage, financial management (fiscal sponsorship, bookkeeping, reporting etc), distribution support, rough cut screenings and reviews. 

Well suited for: limited series or feature projects in early or mid stage production that may have secured some funding (this is not a requirement). Co Productions carry ‘A Kartemquin Film’ credit.

In Association With partnerships are consultative in nature and designed to meet the specific needs of a project. Kartemquin will co-create a package of services alongside the filmmaking team that can include: production management, editorial consultation, fundraising guidance, post-production and distribution guidance, rough cut screening, and review. 

Well suited for: projects in the mid to late stages of production that require specific types of support. In Association With projects carry an “In Association with Kartemquin Films” in the credits.

Want to engage our experienced team for specific production management and post-production services?  Eager to access a diverse network of skilled creatives to enhance your product or project? Consider hiring Kartemquin for services that include:  crew hire (above and below the line), production, production, scheduling, budget-building, and all aspects of post-production. For details on available services, read more under ‘Hire Us.’

Best suited to: Shorts, limited series or feature projects – including commercial projects, PSAs, fundraising videos, etc –  that are in need of specific production and/or post-production services. Kartemquin does not carry a credit on these projects. 

Hire Us

In addition to the ways we partner with filmmakers and their teams, Kartemquin provides work-for-hire services to independent filmmakers, productions, organizations, and brands. We’re not a traditional post-production house. We make our experience and expertise available for hire as a critical part of our mission and to sustain independence in the work of documentary filmmaking. Engage our team for specific production management and post-production services and access a diverse network of skilled creatives to enhance your project.

Let’s work! Tell us more about your project here.

  • Comprehensive budget building
  • Editorial development
  • Production scheduling
  • Crew Hire
  • Location and personnel releases, Location permissions etc.

  • Editing
  • Color Correction (for theatrical, broadcast, and web streaming)
  • Post Supervision
    • Post Producing
      • Establishing/maintaining good channels of communication between projects and associated outside vendors/distributors (including hiring vendors and negotiating rates)
      • Negotiating deliverables
      • Ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget
    • Online Editing
      • Linking final sequence to original (high-resolution) camera files
      • Prepping final sequence/delivering files for color correction and final sound mix
      • Placing final titles/credits, marrying final audio files
      • General image refinements
      • Ensuring that projects adhere to negotiated delivery specs
      • Create, QC and send final deliverables
    • General Technical Troubleshooting
    • Tape Digitization