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No One Asked You

No One Asked You follows reproductive rights organization Abortion Access Front over five years as the war over Roe Vs. Wade escalates. Led by The Daily Show co-creator, comedian, and disruptor-extraordinaire Lizz Winstead, their Vagical Mystery Tour fights to keep the government out of your pants by battling misogyny with comedy.

Abortion-positive political-satire documentary No One Asked You follows Lizz Winstead and her team of feminist comics and activists, Abortion Access Front, over five years on their Vagical Mystery Tour: a comedy and community building tour in low-income, reproductive rights battleground states. They perform stand-up, support clinic workers, raise money for shuttered clinics during the COVID-19 shutdown, and center abortion as an essential human right. From protesting as glittery vulvas to exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ misinformation, AAF uses comedy and star power to engage a new generation of activists. With Lizz as our guide, the film lands in Mississippi, where Pink House Defenders Kim and Derenda are ground zero in the national fight. In “good news” state Illinois, the Illinois Handmaids Jax and Annie help preserve abortion rights even if Roe is overturned. By mid-2019, over 300 anti-choice bills are introduced, and a restructured SCOTUS is set to hear arguments about Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban in 2021. With politicians continuing to chip away at reproductive rights, state by state, America is experiencing a battle for choice not seen since the 1970s. Most media are afraid to report the truth, so Lizz and AAF sound the alarm. A crucial call to action for America to wake up before it’s too late, No One Asked You is there for it all.


Producer / Writer

Ruth Leitman


Rachel Rozycki
Susan Kerns
Ellen Barnard

Executive Producer

Gordon Quinn
Betsy Steinberg
Caryn Capotosto
Level Foward


Andrea Raby


Alanna Schmelter