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Papi’s Pregnant

Papi’s Pregnant chronicles filmmaker Oli Rodriguez’ conception and navigation of getting pregnant as a transmasculine identified/non-binary person. Beginning in Chicago, IL and expanding to Los Angeles, California, while living and working in both places, Oli journeys to find supportive medical care in focusing on the experience of going off hormone replacement therapy (HRT), figuring out ovulation with options to conceive, and the pursuit of a donor while visualizing a burgeoning medical field of trans pregnancy along with hilarious, frank conversations with queer, chosen family and his biological Puerto Rican/Sicilian family.

Papi’s Pregnant chronicles the transmasuline and non-binary queer pregnancy of filmmaker Oli Rodriguez’ through a burgeoning medical field during preconception. Traversing montage, cinema vérité style, traditional interviews with the medical community and familial discussions; the film is a portrait that reveals personal challenges and healthcare biases faced by the queer community when beginning parenthood. Underrepresented in the contemporary cinematic moment, Papi’s Pregnant documents Oli’s experience in a well supported queer family and medical community in Chicago, IL and then having to find that again after a move to Los Angeles, California.