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In the heart of the American Midwest, three women take on entrenched political systems in their fight to reshape local politics on their own terms.

Represent is equal parts personal and political, journeying through life on and off the campaign trail to tell the stories of female candidates from vastly different communities, support systems, and political parties. The politics may be local, but for these women, the stakes are high.


Supervising Producer

Amy Shatsky

Consulting Producers

Rosie Garthwaite
Noland Walker

Associate Producer

Carina Nieto


Paul Brill

Music Supervisor

Dawn Madell

Graphics and Animation


Consulting Editor

Miranda Yousef

Additional Editor

Sikay Tang

Assistant Editor

Amber Love

Additional Camera

Margaret Byrne
Ashley O'Shay Mills
Liz Stanton
Anne Sobel
Adam Sobel

Aerial Photography

Nick Nummerdor
Matthew McClish
John Montgomery

Production Assistants

Peter DiCamillo
Nancy McDonald
Clara Rotter-Laitman

Color Correction


Sound Mix and Design

Sarah Krohn

Archival Research and Transcription

Lola DiNizio

Post Production Supervisor

Matt Taylor

Additional Graphics

Peter DiCamillo
Leila Register
Jessika Savage


Jung-Ah Kim
Yooyeon Shim

Grant Writer

Alison Hanold

Director of Film Strategy

Tim Horsburgh

Director of Development

Joanna Lakatos

Director of Finance

Andrea de Fraga
Jamie Bourne

Director of Production and Post

Rise Sanders-Weir

Technical Director

Jim Morrisette

Post-Production Associate

Ingrid Roettgen

Director of Editing

Leslie Simmer

Director of Programs and Engagement

Laura Gomez-Mesquita

Additional Kartemquin Staff

Abbie Brewer
Tina Figueroa
Keira Kennedy
Tikahya Lampley
Julia Martin
Anu Rana
Elise Schierbeek
Whitney A. Spencer
Max Asaf
Ryan Gleeson
Leah Sacks
Emily Strong
Pedro Urgiles
Nancy McDonald
Anthony Stoll
Carlos Cova
Viorica Mereuta

Kartemquin Interns

Inbal Palombo
Rory McFadden
Siyan Huang
Martin Awano
Noah Frick-alofs
Peter Dorman
Ulysses Bufano
Ankur Singh
Andrea Raby
Elodie Edjang
Josie Pommering
Julia Davis
Stephanie Wang
Brian Lu
Sadaf Ferdowsi
Stan Wright
Ashish Valentine
Alyssa Villegas
Resita Cox
Alexandra Epstein
Jessica Vitkin
Lilly Hanson
Allison Walsh
Edwin Perez
Anna Luy Tan
McKinleigh Lair
Sara Kagness
Mitch Deitz
Gabriel Broderick
Woojae Julia Song
Lily Qi
Jess Martinaitis
Elisa Maravilla
Adia Ivey
Hannah Faris
Ashina Hamilton
Paige Benner
Nathan Kim
Scott Taylor
Rita Carmona
Anna Lee Ackermann

Special Thanks

Bryn Bird
Julie Cho
Myya Jones
The Bird and Walsh Families
The Locke Family
The Adams Family
Melanie Schott
Michelle Newman
Ceciel Shaw
Bobby Burns
Herman Starks
Barry Randolph


Margaret Byrne
Peter DiCamillo
Ryan Gleeson
Ursula Liang
Mark Mitten
Anu Rana
Adam Sobel
Leslie Simmer
Blake Sobczak and Zahra Faith

Legal Council

Holland & Knight LLP
Peter Jaszi


Awards and Distinctions

Alexander Valley Film Fest


Audience Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary


Cleveland International Film Festival

Official Selection

World Premiere


Sheffield Doc/Fest

Official Selection