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This Is Not A Dream

In one of the most difficult and competitive races in the world, disabled sailors set out to win.

This Is Not A Dream is broken into three narrative parts—second innings, dignity of risk, and contradictions. In this mostly vertité documentary, we watch Deb, Bradley, David, Harry and The Impossible Dream get into shape—preparing their bodies and minds for this grueling race.

As they go about their daily lives, they talk about past races, dreams, and ambitions, meanwhile letting us experience the barriers presented by a world where accessible design on land is an afterthought at best.

In stark contrast, the crew moves freely in an universally designed catamaran. The open ocean presents an awe-inspiring, relentless, blue expanse. Danger is always close by as they work together to overcome them, each difficulty sharpens their competitive edge. In spite of the high stakes, the series weaves in humor and levity as the crew joke with one another.

They are racing not only for themselves but to change the way the world sees people with disabilities. No matter what happens, the fact they’re out there taking huge risks sets a critical precedent of dignity of risk. Why do they do it? They thrive on competition, respect and revere the ocean, and most of all, they love sailing the open sea together.