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Ivan Garcia

Ivan is Creative Director at Univision Chicago. He grew up on the US-Mexico border, literally crossing every day from country to country. He describes it as a beautiful way to live, two cultures into one. He was able to appreciate and understand the issues of two countries and the problems of a highly transited international border. Like many he was born in El Paso, lived in Mexico, went to School in El Paso and worked in content production in Ciudad Juárez until all of his clients had to close their business due to extortions and the anarchy created by the war between drug cartels in the city. He made the full time move to the US in 2010 working in a NBC and CBS affiliate. Later in 2013 he got an opportunity with Univision in Chicago, where he has been since. For Ivan, these past years have been a wonderful experience having the opportunity to produce national shows, campaigns, specials, and short docs and create content that empowers our Latino community through stories of struggle and success.

Ivan is the recipient of many awards, including 14 Regional Emmys, two National Daytime Emmy nominations, a Silver Telly Award, Regional Edward Murrow and Peter Lisagor awards, and the Univision Circle of Excellence.