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  • Operations and Finance Coordinator

Tikahya Lampley

Tikahya Lampley is the Operations and Finance Coordinator at Kartemquin Films. They have obtained their Bachelor’s of General Education at Western Illinois University in Fall of 2021 with a focus in Human Resources/Business Management. She originally went to college for Journalism, but after taking an HR course, she realized her true passion was in Human Relations and helping employees and employers in having better relationships. During her career at Kartemquin, they have grown an appreciation for finance and accounting as numbers have always been an enjoyment for them–professionally and personally. She continues to utilize her skills from university and her experiences at Kartemquin to provide better accounting services for filmmakers and alum, while curating better HR practices for the internal organization.

Outside of Kartemquin, Tikahya enjoys reading, watching international dramas, listening to different kinds of music, and spending hours completing Sudokus.